Its a sign!


So..hubby and I are busy doing household renovations at the moment and decided to continue through the adoption process.  As I mentioned earlier, the adoption process costs some cash. A day after our consultation we were discussing how we can cut back and save for the R30 000 we need for the adoption to go through in such a short space of time. Was a bit stressfull i must admit,  then something happened…

I am a competition I enter competitions often and I have entered at least 20 competitions on kfm radio in particular and have never won.  Last Wednesday (2 days after having our first consult with the social worker) I entered  an old mutual competition where you had to enter by writing what you are saving for. I thaught Id give it a shot maybe I could win a thousand rand or anything to save.

I entered and I won R10 000!!!! That was a sign and a half…we are meant to be doing this and the universe just confirmed this for us and now that I think about it, we should have played the lotto that Wednesday (darnit).

We are grateful for that money, it came in our time of need 🙂


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