what I have learnt about adopting so far


1.  The waiting list is NOT that long when going privately, you will not wait years, i was told I will wait a maximum of 9 months 🙂 also, the less picky you are the quicker you will be matched.

2.  The majority of birth mothers chooses the adoptive parents, so even if you are number 20 on the list this does not mean you are going to get a baby last 

3.  There are costs involved with private adoption, these costs are laid out for you and you are NOT paying for the baby..you are paying for the babys care while it is growing, its aftercare as well as your screening process and you only pay once you have the baby in your arms.

4.  The mother has only 60 days to take her baby back, luckily you will not even be aware there is a baby for you  in those 2 months as he/she will be in foster care until day 61. On day 61 the mother has no legal rights whatsoever, even if something had to happen to you or your partner, she has no claim.

5.  The screening process may be exciting but is not fun, its about 8 weeks long and only then do you go on the list, so far, this is the part that I am hating the most, I just want my baby already 😉

6. Creating a profile of your life and family and friends in a scrap book is hard, I really did not think it would be this hard. How do you “sell” your lifestyle to a stranger in order for her to trust you enough with her child.

7.  Our family and friends have been awesome and accepting, I think they might be as excited as we are!

8.  It is impossible to not get your hopes up…right now its 50/50  that we will get approved

9.  You can love someone before you even met them, its a strange but awesome feeling. 

10.  There are times when peoples questions bug me for example, what colour is your baby going to be or why not have your own baby. Iv learnt that these stem from a form of ignorance, adoption is a topic that is not talked about enough, embrace the questions 🙂

11.  As soon as you have made the decision to adopt start saving! You might just have less than 9 months to get ready.

12. Patience, when all you want is your baby…if you are like me and have no patience, its something you gonna have to learn 

13. a woman adopting a baby qualifies for full maternity benefits, this includes maternity leave


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