The step by step process this far

  •  10 october – consultation where we received the documentation to complete
  • 17 October – Stack of documentation received by Social worker and applied for police clearance
  • 21 October – Reference letters go out and then we wait for the 5 references to respond to the social workers email.
  • 24 October –  All reference letters received and in good order
  • 30 November – House visit 🙂
  • 01 December – Psychiatrist visit 🙂
  • 23 January – last discussion before panel meeting, panel meeting is basically a sit down with a few social workers to discuss everything, clarify anything and just to chat about adoption really
  • 07 February- PANEL MEETING!
  • 09 march – got the call that there is a boy available for adoption
  • 02 April – we went to court to sign the neccessary paperwork and  fetched our baby and brought him home.
  • 02 July – Little mister is legally ours
  • 13 September – Documentation that we can legally change his name

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