The house visit


Today we had the long awaited house visit.  We spent our weekend painting and fixing up small things around the house in preperation. Last night we spent most of the evening cleaning so that our house could be spotless for the inspection. Needless to say, today we are exhausted.

What we expected – a total invasion of privacy where our furnature, cleanliness and yard would be scrutinised.

The reality – A 2 hour chat with a lovely lady. She came in we sat in the lounge and we chatted about the process and feelings involved.

She braught up things to expect from an adopted child while he/she is growing up and how to deal with them and suggested a few books we should buy in preperation.

It was a really informative chat where we once again had a chance to ask about any worries we may have.

She also reminded us of why we are doing this, its not “to save a baby” as much as this baby needs a loving stable home is as much as we are wanting a child to love and protect.  All parties involved are enriching the others lives.

We have the psychiatrist visit tomorrow then the panel meeting which is the last step.  By end of Jan we will be on the list and 3-6 months later, we will be parents.

Last christmas as a family of 2 🙂

Loving the support we are getting from family and friends. Everyone seems just as excited as we are 🙂


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