New year, getting ready for a new life :)


Happy new year people who read my blog 🙂 hope its an amazing year for everyone. Its been an exciting december for us. Can hardly believe that we will be meeting our baby this year. Our lovely social worker says it could be as early as April. That’s 3 months away.

Over 15 babies were born in December and ours might be one of them. We baught the little ones pram and car seat last week and wow some of those things are PRICEY! We saw a pram and car seat for almost R7000 You can buy  3 for that price 😉 Now baby has a cot to sleep in and a normally priced pram and car seat to be transported in. We now wait for gender so that we an get the rest.

Granny and grandpa have been giving loads of teddy bears so baby is quite spoilt already. Everyone cannot wait until he or she arrives and seem super excited (have I mentioned how loved my kid is already) we have an appointment with the social worker on the 23rd jan and the final one on 3rd feb. The wait is the hardest part of this process but worth it 🙂 will check in after the meeting!!


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