my excitement this far


The process has taken 3 months to this point. We go on the official list on the 3rd of Feb.  People are starting to say things like “enjoy the rest”, “go out as much as you can”, “better get used to not going out… truth is I am looking forward to  the late nights the broken sleep the pooping the throw up the gross nitty gritty of having a child. I look forward to everything.  I just want my baby home now.

The feelings you feel while going through this process is likely different for everybody.  For me its a complete cocktail of emotions, happy anxious frustrated. Theres so much excitement in my chest that I can hardly control it most days…I really hope this blog has shed some light on the adoption process for at least 1 person. Theres so much stigma attached to adoption its enough to put anyone off.  Women have visions of the child they have adopted being ripped out of their arms as soon as the birth mother changes her mind. People think it will take years and years. Look at our situation…proof that those stem from a time when those issues were relevant.

It breaks my heart to hear how babies are being dumped in garbage cans or buried alive.  Why dump your child when  they can be adopted by people who are prepared to jump through hoops to raise your child as their own. Sad truth is these women are often uneducated about adoption. Most don’t realise that they have the option so they do the only thing they can think of… I don’t think adoption is talked about enough. When I started this I had no idea what to expect.  It was a total grey area.  Then you google adoption  and all stories are different so you don’t know which one is right.  The first consultation with our social worker cleared everything up in an hour . I will suggest to anyone considering adoption to go for that first consultation. You will walk out there feeling like a million bucks and so confident in your choice.

anyways back to work for me 😉


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