Final stages


Today we went for our second last meeting. This meeting was to discuss our psychological evaluation as well as the process as a whole.  We learnt that once our profile gets chosen we will only know that we have been chosen 2 weeks before we bring our baby home .

The reason for this is so that we receive the good news with no chance of anything going wrong. The mothers 60 days will be over and the baby will be legally ours in every way. We then have our meeting to meet the mother which is apparently quite an emotional day with tears all round. I actually teared up when our social worker was telling us about it so imagine how I’m going to feel when the time comes. Imagine handing over your little baby 😦

We learnt about how important bonding is in those first few weeks. It is apparently crucial that the baby bonds with us before bonding with anyone else.  We learnt about the changes that we will be going through as new parents and as a couple and how important it is that we take time for ourselves.

We were told we need to start preparing now. We can be placed by April the earliest. Which means we gotta get moving with regards to baby shower etc.. I feel awesome, I actually feel like I am expecting. We cannot wait to meet our child 🙂


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