Pregnant with Adoption


Today we went for our panel meeting. We met with 2 social workers to go over every step of the process again with the senior social worker present. She makes sure everything has been explained correctly and we sign a document giving permission for our profile to be used.

 The panel meeting is the final stage in the screening process. We are now on file as fit to adopt. Yay! Last hoop to jump through officially over. Once again it was a very chilled session with lovely people. I seriously don’t know why people think this is such a terrible process..We were amazed when our social worker said we could have a baby as soon as next month. There are apparantly many babies waiting to be placed at the moment. I actually wish I could take 5, I hate the fact that so many kids are waiting for parents. We opted to rather wait until July for placement so that we can prepare nicely for our baby 🙂 all smiles at the moment.


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  1. Hi there,
    You just have no idee how I needed to read your story so far. My husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant now for almost 3 years. Its a never ending emotional rollercoaster ride.

    Will it be possible for you to send me contact details for the people you are working with.
    We have made the decision, that if we are not pregnant by the 1st January 2013, then we are going to adopt. It all started after our God daughter visited us for the weekend. it was so much fun having her there, and just the feeling of those little arms around your neck, ahhh was just the best feeling ever. But right after she left, we looked at each other and realised how empty the house is, and how desperetly we want another breath in our house.

    Its been such a long road, and I’m glad that we finally took that step to set a date! So please any advice will help.

    Only 3 months left for you! so happy and excited for you!

    Wishing you all the best!

    Rechelle Heldsinger

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