Definately meant to be – thank you universe


The due date is getting closer and hubby and I are bursting at the seams with excitement. I have to share something with you guys reading this as I am still in shock about recent events.

As I have mentioned before, there are adoption fees involved with this process and we had 4 months to save up. I honestly didn’t think wed quite make it, I suspected wed have to push the adoption another month or two into the year… 3 things happened that changed this for us

1  – We suddenly hit our company target and all getting double salary this month
2  – My husband got 2 private  jobs for websites that people need done
 3 –  I won a R10 000 competition on KFM

I am not lying, all these things happened in these past 2 weeks. Maybe the universe wants this to happen, which makes me want my baby even more now (didn’t think that was even possible)

Things are going well on our side, baby room is filling up nicely and we have to control ourselves when we go to the shops. So many things for kids you can easily blow your entire salary 

This Blog has seriously been a nice little outlet during these months and thanks for reading, I hope Iv managed to clarify a few things about adoption for people who were considering this route. Remember, if its meant to be it will be (we are proof) Ill post again when I have my baby shower 


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