Together at last


We wake on this somewhat nerve wrecking day knowing that it’s the day we meet him…it feels so unreal, like a dream. We get dressed and are nauseous with excitement. Today we bring our little boy home. Our  “spare room” will now be somebodys room…how exciting. We head out to the court to sign the necessary documentation. Of course we are way too early and there is a huge traffic jam which is making our social worker late, we wait, growing more and more nervous, thinking of our little boy at the home being dressed to leave with his new parents and its making us even more nervous/excited/anxious.

Finally our social worker arrives and leads us upstairs where we will wait to see the judge, more waiting, we can barely contain our excitement to meet our kid. We wait for about a half hour and finally we go to see the judge to sign the necessary documents which took about 15 minutes.

Time to fetch him …our baby, wonder how well feel when we see him, how will he feel going home with strangers.  Suprised we managed to walk out the courthouse so calmly, in my mind I was sprinting for the car. We arrive at the home and get shown to a waiting area. At this point I think i was functioning on auto pilot all the blood had rushed to my head and I was about 2 seconds away from either  crying my eyes out or fainting from all the emotions. We chatted briefly with the house-mother who gave us his schedule and routine etc, thank goodness everything was written down  because I never heard a word of it.

 House mother gets up to fetch him from the baby room.  Hes wearing a white cardigan and his hair is brushed into a side path, hes beautiful. The emotion is overwhelming, we are meeting our son, this is him after this wait. She passes him to me first and I am nervous holding this little body and when I see him, Im immediately hooked on this little person, and  he is all ours.  I  pass him to his new beaming dad and realise this child has always been meant for us, I instantly love him. The social worker and house-mother were talking to us, but we have no idea what they are saying, we are in the moment with our son. Imagine giving birth to your baby and your baby is placed on your chest for the first time…this is our magical moment.

 The house-mother looks teary eyed and emotional, she clearly loves these babies and is both happy and sad when they leave.  We put our son into the car seat and we head home. I sit in the back with him staring at his angelic sleeping face and am in complete awe, within meeting him,  this child has us wrapped around his little finger, we belong to him.


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