Life with our son


It’s been a month since Hayden has been home. He’s settled in nicely and took to us pretty quick. When he came home he would keep his hands in fists which I read normally means hes tense and stressed, but he opens his hands nicely now. We noticed immediately that he was a bit spoilt, but I’m not complaining if that means he was loved for the first 3 months where he was. He’s sleeping almost 8 hours at night and is a happy child who loves people.

Sometimes when I look at him i feel sad for the other kids out there needing homes but I am so thankful we have him in our lives. We have adapted quickly too, he’s added so much joy and it’s so strange how you tap into even more love than you thought you could feel. I can’t imagine the feeling to be any different from if I gave birth to him.

The biggest thing iv learnt is how accepting people are. I love going to the shops and seeing puzzled faces looking from Hayden to each of us, you can actually see them trying to find a resemblance in one of us and when we socialize, we hardly get to hold him, he’s really crept into people’s hearts. Anyway, I am still in awe of this child, feels like he’s always been part of our lives. Best job in the world. I can honestly say there are no negative points to this adoption, I’m already itching to adopt another 😉


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