why adoption?


Many people have asked why we chose adoption instead of having our own kids. The general assumption is that we cannot have our own. Me and my husband can have our own kids. Up until recently we still entertained the idea of  having biological kids in a few years.

After being through this process Iv realised adoption is not a choice… it’s a feeling that hits you like a ton of bricks. Once our eyes were opened (for us it was by the social worker) to the babies out there and we realised we can make a difference to one of their lives by loving them, it honestly changed our entire mindset. We actually didn’t care if our child was born from us or not, we had so much love to give, and there are so many kids in need of love why not give it to one of them rather than bring another child into the world. 

We were told that there are currently over 400 babies in South Africa waiting to be placed. Sad thing is, the older they get the lower the chances of them getting adopted as people generally want newborns. Some of these will get awesome loving homes, some of them wont  and I think of Hayden and his personality and having him in our lives…what if he wasn’t with us, would he be in a loving home, would he be treated well, would he be siting in an orphanage for a few years or will he never get adopted and be just a number 

 That’s another reason we are choosing to not  have our own kids. If we had, we would  have passed up our chance to have this amazing little guy in our lives and I can’t imagine a life like that.  Hell never know how we have changed his life, but we will always remember how he’s changed ours.

 Like iv said before, adoption is not for everyone. Im in no way judging the choice to have your own kids,  but I must say it is actually amazing how an adopted child  feels as if they were born from you.  Somebody said something to me once,  he might not have grown in my womb, but he sure grew in our hearts 


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