Name change time :)


When we got home yesterday, there was a surprise document for us in our mailbox saying:


“according to provisions in section 242 of the children’s act your adopted child is now for all purposes regarded as your child as if born to you and you are now for all purposes regarded as the adopted childs parents therefore you are personally responsible to register the child under his/her new name and surname at the department of home affairs”

This is the documentation we were waiting for. He is already legally our son but we could not change his name until this letter came. This means he will be issued a new birth certificate with our names on it as well as his new name. Another happy moment for our little family I know it’s just a piece of paper but it’s the piece of paper that makes everything real. Seeing that new birth certificate is going to be one of the happiest days of my life. 


Unfortunately we have to go and apply at home affairs which I am definitely not looking forward to doing. I once stood in a long q for a new ID only to discover you cannot use the pens on their desk to fill in your form nor do they supply pens. Had to leave and buy a pen to stand at the back of the q again.


I  still 100% behind the adoption cause. It’s so important for people to open their minds and hearts to the kids given up. Like I always say this has been an incredible journey and showed me how a person always underestimate themselves. Before I came on board with the decision to adopt, I didn’t think I could love another womans child as my own. Now look at me im totally in love.


Somebody asked me the other day am I going to let him meet his birth mom. This is a question easily answered as it’s not my choice and if he wants to we will support and help him 100% . I have been thinking about her lately and I wonder how she feels and if there are any regrets or anything. As happy and grateful as I am for my son, I do feel sad for her . But ok, this is a happy blog.


I’m hoping one day hell read this blog and see our journey into bringing him home. We love you Hayden and I hope this blog shows you how special you are to us.


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