Ignorance is not bliss


Since our little guy has been home, we have had many people coo over him and give him attention in the shops, so used to people asking how old he is and how long we have had him etc and I don’t mind when they ask because they are curious and Hayden loves people, I’m actually quite happy that he is getting to see how friendly different people are as it can only help with his confidence in the long run. However that being said,I have never experienced what I experienced at the shop near my house.


Standing in the line with 2 rolls in one hand and my son on the other, a blonde woman behind me engages me in conversation with a blunt….”hes obviously not yours” taken aback, I answered with yes he is mine and again Mrs Blunt said “yes but not biologically, did you adopt him” In my shock to this complete and utter strangers question, I answer her with yes. Thinking it was over she opened her mouth again with “I suppose you get a lot of stares” and her next question was “cant you have any of your own or what was the reason you adopted” Every bone in my body was aching to unleash my Scorpio temper and give her a piece of my mind but I kept my cool and smiled politely as if I wasn’t offended, after all why should I let my child see me get worked up.


It really felt like I was in that line for 20 minutes even though there was only 1 person in front of me.. She then went into how sick it is that someone could throw somebody so beautiful away.. *breathe in breathe out is what I was repeating in my head.*


In all honesty that was the first experience in the 6 awesome months that a stranger has been so blunt and up in my face about our choice and it actually stung. That proved to me that some people are still very naïve about adoption. Thinking back on it I wish I had said He wasn’t thrown away, he was given away with the biggest act of love and sacrifice I can imagine possible so that he could have a better life. I wish I had said don’t pitty my son because he was given up for adoption, he’s one of the happiest babies I have ever met and he has no shortage of love in his life..


What I should have said to this woman is to mind her own business.


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  1. People do say the most AMAZING things! I could be in therapy for the rest of my life if I had not learned how “over-rated” biology is and learn to laugh them off. While my own bio-mother was not motivated out of love – but shame & cash – I still got the parent’s GOD intended me to have. And I would not have traded them for another set in the world. I was truly blessed by my “adoption”. Your little guy is too. Biology REALLY is overrated! I’m 51 now and still feel the same way.

  2. we really are the blessed ones hey, I cringe when I think of what we would of missed out on if we fell pregnant before he came home. Yeah people dont think before they speak but luckily, hell be raised with a good sense of humour and we can all laugh off any silly comments coming our way.

  3. Wow O.o Just. Wow. You are a better person than I am, I would have unleashed some serious physical violence on her!! 😉 All that any child needs, no matter what race, is love, support and lots of hugs and kisses.

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