Happy 1st birthday


Friday was the light of our lives 1st birthday.We are now the parents of a 1 year old boy. He has come a long way from being without parents for the first 4 months of his life to the happy outgoing boy he is today and we are bursting with pride. I know I have mentioned this before but its crazy how he fits with us, his personality matches our perfectly. He laughs all the time and even tries to make us laugh with him, If you had to see him you would know he is our child by the way he acts.


We are so grateful all our family and friends joined us to celebrate this milestone with us and once again proves how important a good support system is, seeing how your family and friends have accepted him and love him 100% just added to our joy. His room looks like a toy store with all his toys and I can glady report that my angel was spoilt to the max for his birthday.


Our initial plan was to have a quiet evening with the grandparents coming over for cake because we figured he wouldn’t remember it at all either way. We changed our mind and Im so glad we did, its important for him to not only be loved, its important he feel loved by everyone in his family and boy did he feel the love, I think I held him a whole 2 times in 3 hours, needless to say, he was in high demand that day.


The only glitch of the day was the cake, If I say mickey mouse you immediately get the picture of mickey mouse in your mind. Black mouse with a big red shorts and yellow shoes. The cake was of a mouse with long red pants and a yellow top and bowtie, we call him Mike mouse. Thank goodness the cake was delicious .


Even though initially we were against spending too much money on an event he wouldn’t really be aware of or remember, seeing how loved and spoilt he was, is worth all the money in the world. 1st birthday parties are definitely a must.

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