The joys


Happy 2013 to everybody


2012 has been a most awesome year and I’m hoping 2013 can live up to it. 2012 saw us bring home Hayden and we have watched him grow into a healthy happy 1-year-old. Our child is clever, yes I know everyone thinks this but seriously I mean it,  our baby is really clever 😉


He follows instructions now, claps hands blows kisses, hands out kisses, stands, communicates too and says a few words – genius in my eyes 😉 His newest “party trick” is climbing off couches and beds all by himself, He can now go anywhere he wants in the house by himself (which means no rest for mom and dad), yep it seems the toddler stage has arrived and none of our breakables are safe anymore. His personality is out in full force, seems our son is  a joker who loves laughing for no reason  and making us laugh, he loves animals just like his mom and dad and no matter what he’s doing, when music is playing he will dance.


Christmas went down well, even though he wasn’t quite into opening presents, I had fun ripping open his gifts. He really is a lucky boy, lucky because his birthday and Christmas are in the same month, in less than a month,  his room looks like a toy shop, and we don’t really want to pack anything away in his cupboards,  just feels wrong to do that.


Hayden has been home for 9 months now and it feels like he has been with us his entire life.  Sometimes its still gives me butterflies in my stomache  to think hes all mine and when he sais momma my heart melts every single time.


No visits or calls from social workers, no follow ups. Putting it simply, they don’t bother us at all regarding our child. Its pretty awesome because this was another fear of mine in the beginning, that social workers would be in our lives forever following up and checking in. 


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