Its a happy new year


Happy 2014 everybody!

I trust that everybody had a great festive season.  Ours was a weird one with both my husband and myself having seriously sore ear/throat infections, yet we sucked it up to give little H an awesome December holidays.

So pushing through our pain we got to go on some nice outings.  We went to the aquarium and scratch patch in the waterfront, took a ride on the blue train in seapoint, went to kraal bay near Langebaan, saw our first giraffe at the giraffe house and watched our son go on rides at grand west. He even got to see 2 movies on what he calls the big tv.

Christmas was a special one with Ouma and Oupa and of course the bestie miss K.  The two of them swam and played their hearts out while we had a braai on the go, it was a good christmas and just a good December in general – sick and all.

Another year to be thankful every single day for our family. H, mom and dad love you more than we can possibly express and you rock little guy!

So heres to an awesome year ahead, looking forward to what life has in store for 2014 maybe a brother for H? Who knows 😉

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  1. It is a pretty awesome of you guys to adopt and accept this sweet little man as your own. All of the best for the future! May you and your family have many many more wonderful years ahead of you. =)

    • Thank you Ilse 🙂 we are so lucky he came to us…life wouldn’t be the same without him. Thank you for the kind words and I hope you have an awesome 2014!

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