Adoption story time


Hello all you wonderful people. I hope everyone is well and having a fabulous 2014 so far.  Our family is doing well and we having a pretty good year so far. Little H is growing into a wonderful little boy with a smile that can brighten up a room. He is potty training at the moment so that’s been fun…Family outings have become way more interesting and also a great cardio workout at times when running through the mall with him in my arms to the nearest bathroom repeating “hold it in hold it in” .

We started bringing in the word adoption a few months back, just throwing it in here and there and it has been fun, we have managed to successfully associate the word with happy feelings by acting silly and dancing and just acting completely bat crap crazy after using the word.  We have started telling him the story of how he came home more recently.  The story we tell him is that he was swimming in another aunties stomache and when he came out mommy and daddy came to fetch him and then adopted him *insert happy cheers of pure bat crap craziness*.

He finds it completely amusing that he was actually swimming in somebodys stomache.  The other day when we told him this story said the word adopted with a huge smile on his face…a proud moment for us.

People have been asking me when we are going to have another baby. It is no secret I would love to adopt another baby. I would adopt another 3 if I could. We recently discussed adopting a brother for H but after a lengthy discussion, decided against it for now. I am not sure if well ever adopt or have another child as we have developed such a great bond between our family of 3. Our family works perfectly the way it is and adding to the dynamic is a risk we are not sure we are ready to take just yet.

We also have to be cautious about making this decision especially in this economy, our son will have to make do with 50% less of everything he is currently getting after having to share with a brother. We would need to think about education and if we can afford 2 kids to go to a good college one day. Would we be able to buy 2 kids cars when they reach driving age. Would we be able to nurture 2 kids different interests while growing up be it music, dance, karate (these lessons are pricey)

We would like H to have the opportunities we never had when we were young and to have the tools to become whatever he wants to because that’s what he deserves in life. At the moment, we have the ability to give him these tools so another child is not on the cards for us at this point 🙂

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