My special boy turns 3!!


Guess whos birthday it is this week! That’s right our angel will be 3 in a few days, I can barely believe it as it feels like just yesterday he came into our lives as a tiny toothless little baby who could just about support his own neck.   Time is just going too fast, I wish I could make him stay small for just a little bit longer.  We throwing him a ninja turtle themed party and invited his friends and cousins to celebrate the day with him. I am not sure who is more excited us or him.

 Hes a regular chatter box now and unfortunately kids don’t come with word filters. He feels nothing to boldy announce two men walking together as “two daddies” or comment on the cleanliness of a table at a restuarant. Hes a sponge too and we need to continuously watch what we say.. Over the weekend while playing in the pool pretending that the waves he created were trying to catch him, he suddenly blurted out “get away from me you f***ing water” and yes we laughed, we laughed hard, hey we are human beings after all and hearing a child cuss is funny. Unfortunately he was well aware of us laughing our heads off so we had to explain to him that it is a bad word and he must not use it ever again or he will be in trouble, so hopefully we will not be hearing him cuss again.  

The naughty stage is in effect and we have had to clear his room from all toys as a punishment about 3 times so far (not that it bothers him at all because he will play with a hanger if he has to). We have yet to experience full on tantrums in shopping centres.  Good cop/bad cop works like a bomb, but is a shite job for the “bad cop” at the time.

 It was his first concert recently and man was I proud if you are a parent, you will know that particular brand of proudness well. The proudness that almost breaks your heart for some reason where you are so overcome with emotion your eyes tear up just a bit. He was dressed as Elvis in white bell bottoms and a guitar along with his classmates and boy did he rock on stage to Elvis “teddy bear”. 

 Things have been going really well, I am still telling him the story of how he came home and he still gets excited every time. We don’t get strange looks anymore, well actually I might be lying, if we do get strange looks, then we don’t actually notice.  People in general are actually pretty accepting and open to families like ours.

 I often get the impression people do not understand why I choose to never get pregnant and give birth to biological children, I see the confusion in their eyes when It comes up. Like, why wouldn’t I want to carry and give birth to a child who looks like me and my husband. Truth is, I see my husband and myself in my son everyday, the way he acts, his sense of humour, his mannerisms are all us.  Adoption easy to accept when a person cannot have children but it seems when it’s a choice a lot of people cant get their heads around it and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  If I hadn’t adopted Id probably also be curious.

The moment I held him in my arms, this innocent baby just needing love my natural instinct to want to carry a baby in my belly disappeared. My whole way of thinking changed when I adopted H.  The reason why is simple…I have experienced what it feels like to hold a child who another woman gave birth to and love it more than life itself.  There is something magical about being mommy to a child I never gave birth to.  We are a family joined purely by love and thats the way we like it.

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