It has begun


Adoption part 2 has officially started. We had our consultation on the 11 March with the same lovely social worker we initially went through which was awesome. A 1 hour consultation turned into a 2.5 hour chat and it was as powerful as it was the first time round.  We walked out of there satisfied knowing we are on the right road.

Paperwork! So much paperwork it deserves an exclamation mark after I said it. It really took us 3 weeks to complete. I had actually forgotten all the writing involved.  They received our paperwork on Friday 15th April which was a week after we sent it. The references have gone out and hopefully they will all say good things J. Today we were contacted to come in for our assessment next week.  After the assessment there will be a home visit followed by a group session, followed by a panel meeting and then  pregnant with adoption time. We are very excited, except for the group session, we are not particularly excited to do group participation excercises but…….worth it.

So far everybody in our lives are on board 100% but even after 4 years I can tell there is still that one question lurking under the surface

YES we can have kids, If we were suffering from fertility issues, trust me, it would be a huge part of my blog and our journey to adoption.  It makes me feel awkward when I can see how weird some people become when talking about pregnancy. By adopting, I can drink whenever I feel like without harming the baby AND I don’t pick up the baby weight. Only joking, I am all for pregnancy, its beautiful but our path has taken a different turn and adoption feels most natural to us now so stop feeling sorry for us friends and family, it really is all good.


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