Its a boys world



Hello beautiful people. Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!  Its been a while since my last post, to be honest, I have been super lazy the past couple of months. I am 32 weeks pregnant at the moment so life has been a bit chaotic and a lot of my downtime these days go towards naps. 

Yeah, can you believe 32 weeks pregnant, oh and its a boy!!  I Guess I will be a mom of boys until I win the lotto and adopt a baby girl (holds thumbs)

We are super excited for the newest addition to our family.  Little H has a list of things he will be teaching his baby bro and insists that he will be changing nappies (we shall see about that) The pregnancy has been an quite an experience and I am glad that I am able to actually put my money where my mouth is when I talk about my preference between adopting and getting pregnant and yes I am still team adoption all the way.  Do not get me wrong, I love my little bun in the oven and because of my love for him, I would not change this pregnancy for anything in the world but this 9 month process is totally not for me.

There is no emotional difference whatsoever,  I have that exact same anxious/nervous/excited feeling to meet baby T as I did his brother 5 years ago. I am actually amazed at how those feelings came right back. There is however a physical difference which is catching up to me fast.  I mean, besides the pregnancy itself, this kid needs to come out and there are only two ways of that happening!!     

I have had the insensitive comment here and there, nothing coming from a bad person, but rather a person who is not thinking  before they talk. I have had “at least you can now experience having a child of your own” and “its good to see you in a different light as a mother”. Considering I have been a mother for 5 years to my own child, those really are pointless comments to make.   People have also come to me saying “what a miracle” as if I am the virgin Mary.  I often feel like saying something to the effect of “It really is not a miracle,  unprotected sex  very often leads to pregnancy, look it up”.  Sorry for the slight rant there, I blame pregnancy hormones.

Before we got pregnant, we had a big issue about “growing a child” and as everybody knows, we decided against it completely.  One of the reasons was our precious little H and how it would affect him being an adopted child and having to deal with a biological child coming along.  I think we underestimated things a bit.  The lines of communication are constantly open and this has been the case since before he could speak.   He knows that he wanted to play hide and seek and make us look everywhere for him (he finds this very funny by the way) where baby brother was a bit lazy so decided to just grow in my tummy.  The other day he asked if the baby will be brown like him…and after that conversation he now knows that  babies end up being the same colour as the tummy they grew in.  The advice from our social worker not to push or explain further than the question he asked has really come in handy.

Anyway, I look forward to posting a pic or two of my beautiful boys next month and how big brother is coping with a new little one around.  For now, I will be taking it easy and enjoying the peace and quiet before the chaos begins.




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