We were told that the word adoption should be used often in a positive way once our baby is at home. We were told that the child will ask questions as he/she gets older but we should never force the topic on the child.  Adoption should always be brought up during  play time or bath time, never in a stiff formal meeting.

Our social worker advised us that our answers  should always be open and honest and the answers should be ones filled with love e.g why is my skin a different colour to yours to which we would reply with – because god made us in all different shapes colours and sizes 🙂

A way of answering  that I really like and am definatley going to use is…”we prayed to Jesus for you and he wanted to send us a different baby with blue eyes  but we turned it down and said no our babys name is (x) and we only want (x), and (x) has brown eyes etc, so Jesus said alright but he could not put you into my tummy so he chose somebody very special to put you into their tummy until you are born”

These are a few of the books which were recommended to us.  Reading about an adopted character apparantly helps the child understand that he is loved and wanted just like the character in the books we read to him/her. Gives them something to identify with. These are a few of the recommended books we will definately be getting:

the greatest gift – terri lailvaux
All about adoption – Marc Nemiroff and Jane Annunziata
Whoever You Are – Mem Fox
Tell Me Again About THe Night I Was Born – Jamie Lee Curtis


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  1. Hi there
    I found your blog and bookmarked it. I enjoy reading it, I cant wait to see your baby I hope you’ll post a pic when s/he’s here. I want to aopt a little girl next year as well, difference is that Im a single lady,not married so Im not sure if that’ll be accceaptable. Thanks.

    • Hi there. i’m a single lady too. and just started the adoption process. being single is not a problem. trust me its acceptable to be single and adopt!

  2. Congratulations special people. Thank you for being prepared to do this. As a biological mother of a daughter who was adopted by a couple 25 years ago. I feel a special gratitude for couples like you who choose this way to create their family. Not one day went by that I didnt think of her and because of the closed adoption and the restriction of acess to information about her life the day I found out she was alive, happy and with the kind of family I imagined for her the circle was completed. I am extremely lucky that I was able to make contact with my daughter when she was 22. We are comfortable in an Aunt/Niece/Friend kind of relationship although her parents are still hesitant to be included in our contact. One of the stories I love for adopted chldren is to tell them “even though you didnt grow in my tummy, you grew in my heart” so much more special. Jacqui

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with me 🙂 this warms my heart. Well done it takes a lot of love to realise and that you could give your child what she needed at that time in ur life. Giving a child up in my opinion is the ultimate act of love. Glad you found her and are friends, I’m hoping for the same with my child when he she turns 18. 🙂 🙂

  3. Loved reading through your blog this morning and I’ve added my email for updates/posts in the future. My sister got pregnant unexpectedly at 18 (I was 12 at the time) and chose adoption for her daughter (who we’ve since met as she’s grown up now and chose to look for and meet us). Part of me wishes I had been the big sister, instead of the little sister, as, all these years later, my husband and I are hoping to adopt. In my heart I am 100% certain that Procare will also play a large part in our family life for 2014. I can’t wait! x

    • 🙂 thanx for reading…adoption was honestly the best decision of our lives. It still amazes me how natural it feels that it makes the thaught of me having biological kids seem unnatural. Procare is amazing so ull b in the best hands. To think your baby might b born already waiting for you…super exciting! All the best for 2014.

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