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The costs involved


As with almost everything, adoption has costs and fees involved. The amount we were given was R30 000.

These fees involve the entire process and each cost is layed out in document form for you to keep. It is a lot of money, but before you panic the costs are valid. You are paying for your baby’s care, his injections his milk, nappies. Remember he is going to be somewhere else for 3 months. You pay for part of the birth as well. The mother does not receive any money .

You also pay for legal fees and petrol for the social worker to see you. It’s not easy to raise such a large amount in 4 months but its possible. Some people might say if you don’t have 30k to adopt how can you afford to raise a baby. Ignore them because this is meant to be. Unless you have a nice nest egg saved up, it’s going to be a bit tight, but you will manage 🙂