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Growing fast


8 months ago something awesome happened, a little boy was born to a woman who loved him enough to know she could not provide for him. 8 months ago this woman made the decision to NOT dump him in a bin or field or gutter but to give him up for adoption. This woman knew she had a choice and she knew he could have a chance. After carrying him for 9 months and looking after him in her belly, she gave birth 8 months ago today knowing he would never be hers to keep. She brought our beautiful angel into this world and today I feel totally and utterly grateful for her to have given us such a gift, it could not have been an easy choice.


During his adjustment phase with us he would not want to be held by other people for too long, he used to cry to come back to us after a few minutes, 4 months later, he will go to anyone, smile at anyone and even give them a laugh. His confidence is soaring and I’m loving it. We can see him growing into a very mischievous little boy who is going to bring us lots of laughs and jokes. He’s said both mamma and dadda in July and we are waiting for those teeth to come out even though we are fully aware that he is going to chew on us and whatever else he gets his hands on.


He’s been a little bit sick lately with flu and if there’s a negative aspect of being a parent, its them being sick, watching your baby be so sick and not really knowing how to help him is the worst, I would take his place any day so that he can feel better.


Iv become a multitasking queen and feel nothing for catching vomit in my hand in the blink of an eye. Vomit, snollies, wee have all just become another form of water to me.


Have I mentioned how awesome our kid is, we love him more than words can actually express and can confidently say parenthood is awesome